How to Get Free Pokemon Cards


Pokemon cards can get expensive, and it might take you forever to save up money in order to get the cards you need most. As a huge fan myself, I can really relate to that. That is why I would like to share with you all a method of getting Pokemon Trading Cards for free. Although it isn’t exactly free, it just takes 15 minutes of time and effort. It is quick, simple and easy; if I can do it, I guarantee that you can too!

With the increasing amount of competition between companies on the internet today, many companies have been trying to find new ways to better their companies and increase their online reputation. Large companies such as Facebook and Nintendo has been offering prizes in the form of gift cards for years to players, in return for their feedback on their content. It usually goes like this; a company gives you a task, such as watching a short video. At the end of it, you are asked to provide a short feedback on the video you watched. Because of the help you gav, in return, the company rewards you with gift cards, in which you could later use towards buying Pokemon Cards.

Sounds simple? All it takes is 15 minutes. To sum it up, here is what it takes to get started:

1) Sign up here.

2) Watch short videos/commercials.

3) Provide feedback for those commercials.

4) Redeem your gift card, and use it towards buying Pokemon Cards!