5 Leisure Wear Nike shoes for Increasing Your Comfort

It is a very old saying that a gentleman is judged by his footwear but in these fast running life all people are going up for is comfort because in this really fast running life comfort is everything that you should stand up for when it come to your feet and thus footwear are being made specifically for comfort but since this is also the time which is very much influenced by fashion and trends thus those very comfortable pieces are tweaked a little to look really presentable as well. When it comes to shoes Nike is one brand that you can always rely upon be it for comfort or for style and now for both at the same time as well.

Founded in 1964, Nike has been in this business for more than 50 years now and has made a name for itself with many trendsetting shoes that it has come up with time and again. When it comes to running shoes, Nike has always been the brand to go to because their section of running shoes offer pieces that are really light and at the same time they are very durable and attractive as well. the 5 leisure wear Nike shoes that increase your comfort are as follows:

  • Nikes’ Revolution 3: This is the shoe that you would wish that you had purchased earlier as it will provide the comfort you may have always longed for. Its chunky sole provides the comfort and the cushioning effect that reduce the impact and shock. The sole of the shoes has groves for a better grip that allow you to take on any terrain with the regions susceptible for wear reinforced to be more durable and withstand the forces. It is really attractive in its look. The product is quite flexible and lightweight as per the signature of Nike. The mesh is breathable and thus provides a real comfort to wear. The only con is that it may have narrow fitting for many people.
  • Nike Zoom Fly: This product is total athlete class and is based on the most famous Nike product with the shortcomings removed. The shoe has an infused carbon nylon plate running through the whole length of the shoe. The Lunarion Cushioning provides the cushioning effect required and the comfort by absorbing the shocks. The only shortcoming is the wider toe box.
  • Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12: This product comes with an extra cushioning at the ankle region and is specially designed for those people who are sort of hard landers on their ankles or people who are slightly overweight for their height. These extra cushions not only add to the shock absorption but also give you extra propulsion while running.
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus: This product is a sort of a responsive shoe that reacts to your landings as if it has a mind of its own. It is light and very comfortable and its fly wire frame give an extra grip at the feet and provide it protection which the wearer doesn’t feel at all. The only con being its inconsistency with size foe many people who may be wide footed.
  • Nike Downshifter: This is a product of Nike that is really flexible and lightweight. The shoes is breathable in its design in the mesh region and is considered very durable.

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