RuneScape: Reasons Why It Has Been Growing Strong For 15 Years

Only a few MMOs could survive the changing trends in the gaming world, but RuneScape has managed to do so by remembering not to forget its past. Most MMOs survived because they evolved with the changing times but the case with RuneScape is completely different.

Even though this game has changed drastically in the past few years, the game established some historical markers as it progressed. The one was in the year 2001 while the other in 2007. The players to this day can easily play the basic version of this game, and this is what has kept alive the popularity of this game.

What changed and what remained?

Two years post the launch of RuneScape, its developer Jagex came up with the idea to revamp this game following a new engine based on 3D. This was dubbed as the biggest ever update for the game that would include features such as multiple players fighting a single enemy at one go along with trading between the banks. However, the creators knew that this isn’t something that every player in the market would be on board with. The purity and basics of RuneScape is what helped develop a huge fan base for the game.

This led to the birth of RuneScape Classic that existed alongside the modern RuneScape. Even though most players moved forward to the amazing escapade of the latest RuneScape, a major faction also stayed behind that led to the continual running of RuneScape Classic till date. The core idea for every version is practically the same, but the essential motivation for the players tends to differ with every version of the game.

Things such as the building blocks for the RuneScape world don’t necessarily change. Like the presence of RuneScape 3 Gold has been just modified to adhere to the name of the game but the trade pattern and currency overall remained the same. Even with the updated engines and overhauled visuals, the updated framework is crafted on the existing one. It is like building a different apartment on the very same plot of land.

The current scenario

At present, a population below the mark of 1000 is into the RuneScape Classic versions with the numbers intentionally limited by Jagex regarding participation.

Currently, you need two things to be able to enter the world of RuneScape Classic. The first being the fact that you need to have RuneScape membership while the second being the fact that you need to have played the RuneScape Classic in order to log in. This is actually Jagex’s method adopted for keeping the costs down when it comes to products while keeping a passionate and niche fanbase.

How is RuneScape different?

In general, RuneScape’s ideologies are way different from other trending MMOs. The gaming industry, in general, is very bad when it comes to preserving the history. However, this thing gets very complicated when it comes to the MMOs. The online infrastructure suggests that introducing changes or clinging to the old ideologies isn’t as easy or simple as it is when one drags a file to the hard drive to copy something.

With Jagex’s ideologies, the modern RuneScape and RuneScape Classic existed beside each other for a term that was more than 10 years. After juggle and struggle, the team finally decided to keep up with the 2007 version of RuneScape which was named Old School RuneScape that is a stagnant existence in the RuneScape family while working with other newly crafted versions coming to the market in a regular time frame.

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Kamaljot is a RuneScape player for a long time who loves to write about the new inclusions in the MMORPG environment of this legendary game. Additionally, he also tries and tests various sellers of RuneScape 3 gold to check for authenticity.

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