Valorcraft – A Unique Skyblock and Factions Server

Supports 1.8 – 1.15, recommended to use 1.8 or 1.12 or 1.15.
★SkyBlock and FACTIONS Survival Server★
✪Balanced Economy✪
✔Island size
✔Cobblestone generator
✔Team size
✔XP Boosters
✔Fly with XP levels
✪Special hoppers✪
✪Inventory pets✪
✔Buy with XP
✔Free by defeating warzone bosses
✔From warzone shop
✔With warzone tokens
✪Custom Kits✪
✔Galaxy Rainbow Armor
✔Cosmic Armor (from warzone bosses)
✔OP Kits
✔God Kits
✔Free ranks
✔Per-rank kits
✔Crazy OP Enchants (not found in Vanilla)
✔Lucky blocks with prizes
✔War tokens
✔Vote rewards
✔In-game money
✔Prize envoys (chests that fall from sky with prizes)
✔Crates and keys
✔Bar tokens
✪GUI Shop✪
✔Buy items
✔Sell items
✪Clues and Quests✪
✔Rewards for completing quests
✪Warzone PvP Bosses✪
✔Obtain tokens by defeating bosses
✔Ancient Witch
✔Forgotten Golem
✔Magma Lava Lord
✔Skeleton King
✔Undying Zombie
✪Daily Rewards✪
✔Obtain free daily rewards just by logging in
✔Free ranks
✔Daily Rewards
✔Weekly Rewards
✔Monthly Rewards
✔Playtime Rewards
✔Playtime Meter
✪Factions Survival Server✪
✔1.14 mods and blocks
✔1.8 combat PvP
✔NO Elytra
✔NO Shields
✔Supports 1.8 – 1.15
✔Raiding permitted
✔Working tnt cannons.
✪Custom World Generator✪
✔Biome Bundle
✔Open Terrain Generator
✔Terrain Control
✔Epic generated map! Not found in vanilla
✔Custom structures, strongholds, mines, etc.
✔Aquatic mods and blocks
✔Over 200 unique biomes
✔Easy tree felling
✔Falling trees when cut
✔Wilderness warp command: /wild
✪King of the Hill KoTH✪
✪Scaffold blocks✪
✪★✪MiniGames Server Coming Soon✪★✪

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