Month: January 2020

Mystic Kittens – A Minecraft One of a Kind Server

Join Mystic Kittens here! Hunger Games, Parkour, PVP, Skyblock, Cave Block, Acid Block, Survival PvP/PvE, MiniGames, Pocket Games, Pets, Expanded Backpack, Friendly Staff, New Server, Come Join Mystic Kittens! (An up to date survival experience) Custom GUI Menus – Almost everything is controlled through menus Menus Ranks – 5 donators ranks with different permissions and […]

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Valorcraft – A Unique Skyblock and Factions Server

IP: Website: Supports 1.8 – 1.15, recommended to use 1.8 or 1.12 or 1.15. ★SkyBlock and FACTIONS Survival Server★ ✪Balanced Economy✪ ✪Upgrades/Boosters✪ ✔Island size ✔Biome ✔Cobblestone generator ✔Team size ✔Homes ✔XP Boosters ✔Fly with XP levels ✪Special hoppers✪ ✔Crops ✔Mobs ✔Break ✔Grind ✪Inventory pets✪ ✔Buy with XP ✔Free by defeating warzone bosses ✔From […]

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