Earning Money as a College Student

How do you earn money as a college student?

As a college student, it could be tough to find ways of earning some pocket money online. Getting a job is even harder especially when you are dorming, or that you already have your hands full with school work. A local job might be hard to find that has flexible enough hours that matches your schedule and workload. That is where online work comes in.

Recently, I have been getting paid by a site just for watching short videos. After watching each video, I have to provide my own feedback and in return they reward me with any sort of gift card of my choosing, completely free of charge My go-to gift card of course is always Amazon, because of the wide variety of goods available there. The whole process is relatively simple, and I have been getting around $100 just for a few hours of work. I can take breaks whenever I want to and I could plan my time wisely.

If all this sounds good to you, then give it a shot! Try it here.

And if you are a college student and currently have an .edu email, amazon is offering a free 6 months of amazon prime here