How To Get Money as a Teenager!

Being a teenager isn’t profitable, but we can change that!

Here is my way to help you get a few bucks.


You will have to obtain a verified PayPal account, there is a few ways of that. However, I am 14 and you can say I couldn’t choose the easy way.

First you will need a card which is the hard the part, Like me if your parents don’t trust the online sites you can do something to convince your parents to make a separate card from what they are using. We will talk about how to convince them in the next section.

After that you will wait around a bit until your card is good and running, then verify PayPal.


Sign up here and start earning money for completing simple tasks!: here


You need to get some kind of carrier considering you are 13 there is something you may be good at, maybe web development, graphic design or maybe building in minecraft. You can use that tell them that you want to start a carrier, they may get interested and make a card for online use! You will then need to be sure to try to get customers and excel at what you are doing, you can take a course from

udemy for example!

People may also pay you for stuff like ranking up in games like CS:GO for them.


Where would you find your customers? That kinda maybe hard, but people always want free stuff, you will use that to gain profit.

You can start at something like : This is a market place you can sell websites, logos, graphic design, Discord bots, minecraft builds and java plugins! Also, you may find people willing to pay for rank ups. SpigotMC is recommended if you know java you can make about 5-15$/hour if you find a customer.

To gain customers there may not be as easy you will work hard for that, You can offer Vouch copies for example!

For example if someone has a lot of reputation you can do a free website for him, and he will vouch for you, you can do that for 10 times or so. Then you can start selling stuff for the price you want you can make some decent money.

You can also start a minecraft server if you are into minecraft, it may require some hard-working and creative thinking but you can make

200+$ Easily from it if you are good enough.

You can check my discord for my minecraft server which I am working on : 7zNeCmk {Discord invite code}

Hope you enjoyed my guide and was able to make a few bucks out of it!

And I forgot to introduce myself, My name is hunter, and I am a new writer here.

I will be quite active so stay tuned!