Project Eula Minecraft

Since the EULA, alot has changed… Minecraft changed as a whole

Hypixel started it’s own game which is still a work in progress since 2014-2015.

Now that EULA is here we can’t sell donator perks by law. Server owning to a lot of people was a full time job, and constantly maintaining and updating a server is no easy task.

EULA has been an issue that we want to fix. Minecraft single player has always been extremely boring. What is currently keeping the community together are server owners, all which tweak their servers in different ways to provide player swith a unique experience; something that cannot be found via single player alone.

They have been always fun to play on and to make a lot of friends, which is one of the reasons the community is still here.

As server owners we want our rights, You can help by joining and signing the petition.

Every voice helps!