Faycraft – A Family Friendly Minecraft Server

Faycraft is a new, family friendly server. We aim to give you a safe family friendly survival experience! Our close community server is now open to all who want to join. We’re looking for players of all ages that want an authentic Minecraft experience without all of the flashy gimmicks.
We’re more than willing to help new players learn the game!
Game Mechanics
One player can sleep the night away
/home /sethome /spawn /wild
Land claim
A weekly resetting end that doesn’t effect the Enderman Farm.
Player owned Trade shops (tutorial in discord)
Skill leveling system(this is really so fun! xD)
Difficulty Hard
Toggle-able cords
More monster heads
No Griefing
No Cheating (X-Ray, Map mods, Flying, or scripts of any kind)
No Stealing
No chat abuse. Keep chat friendly for all ages.
No Duplicating
PVP is allowed, but its an honor system between both involved
Afk fishing is prevented(I believe it ruins the game
IP: mcFaycraft.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/NVM4aT7

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