A Brief Message From MookCraft: A Refreshing Minecraft Experience!

Welcome to MookCraft! We are an aspiring Survival Factions server that aims to achieve a welcoming, clean, and refreshing gaming experience to all those who may have experienced abusive staff, absurdly overpowered donator kits, or ravaged landscapes of faction mega servers.

Our server is not the likes of the large, community-less hub servers. We are a tight, close-knit community and you will come to know all your fellow players in your quest to dominate the server and become infamous! We are a 1.12.2 factions survival MCMMO server. We have McMMO, CrazyAuctions, AdminShop, 25k world border, and player shops! We are not an OP factions server!

The current team working on MookCraft is comprised of individuals who have tremendous amounts of experience playing factions which is why we are confident we can bring about a fair and balanced gameplay for everyone looking to participate in tribal warfare. You will see me on the server very often, as well as many staff members I have entrusted to keep MookCraft a fun and safe environment for everyone.


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IP: MookCraft.mcph.co

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