Bloodheroes: A Mature Factions Server ★ 1.12.2 ★ Slimefun ★ Factions ★ Movecraft ★ MyPet ★ McMMO ★ Jobs ★

This is probably the best mature Faction PVP server you have ever stumbled upon where the adventure and creativity never end.
Ever wanted to join a great RPG immersion type Minecraft server? Well this is your dream come true! Come and start your adventure with us were the world does not get reset and stays always up to current specs. This is a Hub Server with Faction, Creative, Zombies, etc. that is available to all players with Slimefun, Mypet, MCMMO, JOBS, Economy and More. Try our server and you will not be able to stop playing!

– MyPet turn any mob into a pet and then level up the pet’s skills and choose different skill trees. U can get up to 5 pets as u rank up on the server

– Slimefun crafting system on top of Minecraft to give you additional 9,000+ crafting items.

– Gain more hearts by leveling up your HP levels by killing mobs.

– 1.8 style COMBAT for a true PVP experience.

– Server Wide Ranking System base on total number of votes on the Server to unlock special player abilities.

– Creative Server Portal with Plots Plugin.

– Apocalypse Server Portal (Zombie Survival Faction).

– Random Mini Bosses with special loot.

– Ender Dragon respawns with Random Epic Loot Chests after each kill. (Endless Dragon Slaying within WARZONE PVP competition to gain Heart XP).

– Airships Faction Wars in the PVP using Movecraft Plugin

– Random Generated Dungeons using Slimefun all over each Slimefun Server.

– Common to Legendary Gear Drops with socketed items just like in Diablo II game play.

– MCMMO enabled: gain skill levels with no Caps.

– Join up to 3 jobs to earn currency and xp increased with each level up!

– Collection of Sign Shops at Spawn to help you trade or use the Auction Plugin to trade with others.

What are your waiting for? Invite all your friends and family to join the fun!


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