ClansMC – A Custom Minecraft Factions Experience!

Welcome to ClansMC!
We are looking for active staff and players!! The server is currently is closed so please join our discord at
ClansMC is a 1.15+ Minecraft Clans server that will be releasing some time this year! We are really looking forward to bringing you the best possible Clans experience with custom plugins and features we will be having on the server for the seasons to come. More information will be released as we get closer to the launch date.
Although we do not have a release date set yet I can ensure you that the server is in heavy development!
If you have any questions regarding the server please feel free to contact a staff member!
What is ClansMC?
ClansMC prides its self on doing things differently, therefore, we try our best to give our players the best experience during their time here with us. So we decided to create a hardcore version of factions in the form of clans. ClansMC is a clans server which is a hardcore version of a Factions server. with it being a hardcore version we have no land claim system.
Key Features!
No land claim system
Custom mod and item stacker
Custom jobs
Bags of gold
Custom shops and shopGUIs
Custom vote crates
Random wild tp system
Custom ranks
Custom enchants

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