CryptoPrison – A State of the Art Prison Server

Tired of joining about any game and always losing your stuff in the first week because someone paid real money? Now even Minecraft servers are picking up on it. But not this one! CryptoPrison is a state of the art prison server built on one thing, cryptomining! You can mine on your own device for a FREE passive income for our server. Here how it works, go over to the Web Miner, choose a power level and boom, that’s it. Come back in an hour or so can click redeem so you can redeem credits to use in store! That’s right, you don’t even need Minecraft open to this! Still not convinced?
Here are our top features:
Plotworld – Build anything you want. Have a gang hideout!
Gangs: Build a Gang Hideout! Battle for the TOP! Gang Vs. Gang Dueling
Dueling – Gamble powerful items on a fair playing field
Ranks: Featuring 7 POWERFUL ranks to grind for!
Auctions: Buy low and Sell high!
Web Miner:
Server IP:

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