DragonStone – A Custom Minecraft Server

In a time when war has consumed the empire of DragonStone, a new leader is needed to rise up to the occasion and become the next King (or Queen)! Build your base and claim your faction in our survival world. Recruit members, buy minions with money you earn from mining, gather supplies (maybe even from raiding other factions), and prepare for war for the crown!

In our factions world, we have some unique features that make the game more fun and accessible! From diamond rain, envoys with supply drops, crates that give you awesome gifts, and so much more!

DragonStone offers many custom game modes to keep you playing for hours! We have a unique skyblock including custom start-up maps, lucky blocks, and helpful minions! Prison custom game mode coming soon. Even the lobby has some fun to offer (including a PvP arena)! Build your faction, fortify your defenses, and prepare for WAR!

IP: Play.DragonStone.Network

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