DreadHub – A New Minecraft Network Looking for Staff


DreadHub is a new and growing minecraft server network that features a wide variety of game modes. At the moment, the server is still pretty new so many game modes are still under development. That is why the server needs your help! Dreadhub is looking for new players to join their community and new staffs to help manage the server. Advertisers and Moderators are much sought after, especially to introduce new players to the server so that the players will not get too overwhelmed. There will of course be giveaways to reward these staffs for their work, and perhaps to new players as well!

Upon first joining the server, you can tell that the owner put a lot of work into it. The main spawn is beautifully designed and built, and the server is very well maintained. Hosted at a dedicated data center, it insures a lag free experience for all players, with minimal latency. New players are also given a warm welcome when they join, and players are incredibly friendly towards one another compared to other minecraft servers, which tends to have a much more toxic community.

DreadHub is certainly worth trying if you are looking for a new server. Although the playerbase might be a bit low at the moment, with your help it could potentially become something big. The server also has an awesome website and forums that keeps you in the loop with the community, which shows the professionalism of the owner and the community he envisions. What are you waiting for? Check out the server now!

Website: http://www.Dreadhub.net/


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