Elementum: A Minecraft Bending Server

Elementum is a minecraft server with a twist. It isn’t another boring old factions server, or another skyblock server. It features bending from the hit TV shows Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.  This is certainly one of the more unique servers that I have came across.

Upon first joining the server, you are given the choice to choose one of the bending elements. The scenery is beautiful, and you could tell a lot of work was put into it. The whole server is very well set up, and very user-friendly. You can choose from Water, Earth, Fire, Air and Chi by stepping into the respective element. Each element has its own unique skill set, strength and weaknesses. For example, Air focuses heavily on speed and mobility, and AirBenders have a permanent speed II effect. Chi-blockers has the ability to prevent others from using their own slements and skills.

One thing that is worth noting is that this server is very well established and is over three years old. As a result, there are many loyal players who are more than willing to help newer players out. The player community is insanely friendly. When I joined, I ran into some problems with the commands and although no staffs were on, players were more than willing to guide me through the process. Some minecraft server’s player base are known to be quite toxic, but not with this one. So if you are looking for a unique server with an excellent player base, do not hesitate to join Elementum!

Website: http://www.elementum.me/

IP: elementum.me

Earn Free Gift Cards: https://serverbrowse.com/gift-card

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