**EmpireMC** a factions server with a new spin on factions

Here are some of the features we offer:

– PVP Levels

– Custom Enchants

– Awesome Staff

– Custom Server Map

– Giveaways

– Ranks

– In-game ways to purchase ranks

**Voting Links**
– http://v1.Empire-MC.net
– http://v2.Empire-MC.net
– http://v3.Empire-MC.net
– http://v4.Empire-MC.net
– http://v5.Empire-MC.net

**Network Management Staff**
Danney_ ~ Network Owner
argon0013 ~ Community Manager

**Server Information**
Server IP: play.empire-mc.net
Site: http://Empire-MC.net
Store: http://stone.Empire-MC.net
Discord: http://discord.Empire-MC.net
Apply for Staff: http://Empire-MC.net/apply

Hiring Network Staff!
*We are looking for staff to help moderate the server. Whether you are experience in the Minecraft Moderation scene or brand new we will still talk all applications into consideration.*

New Duels Released!
*Today we launched our new Duel System and custom duel arenas. We have a total of 6 Arenas and 10 Kits (More kits will be added in the future and seasonal arenas will be added soon.)*

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