Essential Tips and Tricks for using GPT Sites

Please use if you find this guide helpful. It is my REFERALL link, not a hack or anything like that.

Here are some tips and tricks that i have found really helped.

1. Use a different email every time. Don’t use something like 10minmail, i have found it decreases your chances of getting credited.

2. Don’t use fizixpointgainer, or roboform, or any other programs like that. They also seem to decrease your chances of getting credited.

3. Clear your browsing history before every offer, especially your cookies.

4. Don’t do the 1.5 offers, they hardly ever work. Do the eversave offers, and the quizjungle offers, they seem to work.

5. Don’t try to find a hack, they are all referral links.

6.Try offers that just require you to sign up, they are very quick and easy.

7. Spam your referrals link all over any site that wont ban you for it, referrals are a great way to get points.8.Dont do the cell-phone offers, unless you feel like getting slammed with major bills later.

9. Entertain yourself. Trust me, do something else while your doing offers, such as watching tv, ect.. this will take a while.

10. Focus on reaching your goal, if you REALLY want something REALLY BAD, you will just keep going. Well, hope this helped! Use my link please! Need 3 more points for what I want.

Check out the homepage for more information!

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