Flyverse Faction: An Exciting PVP Based Minecraft Server

Flyverse Factions 1.7.x - 1.12.x
Flyverse Factions… A PvP based Factions server. Feature packed with everything imaginable, and even more being added every month! We come equipped with every single one of your Factions needs, and if it’s not up to your standards, we welcome suggestions of things you’d like to see added into our server!
What is so special about your server?
Well, many things are special about us. We have many things other servers don’t even think about adding to their servers. Things such as our fully custom monthly kit system for ranks, other things like our token based economy as well as our mobcoins economy. Our server also has unbeatable rank pricings, and tons of sales for the store. We also do tons of giveaways and events on our server to keep our players busy!
Why should I play your server?
Well, I can’t really give a valid reason why you SHOULD, but I can give a reason of why you might would want to try us out! We have a stable system, our economy is very leveled, our players are very ambitious and helpful, we have a very nice staff team that’s ready to help you with anything you require. We also provide many different things to do on our server! We have daily events such as Envoys and you can also join duels! We are adding even more events to our server and we are also open to suggestions!
We strive to provide a fun and enjoyable time on our server, and we are very welcoming. Our server is ready to withstand anything you can throw at it and more!
So come try us!
If you’d like to join our Discord, we have a permanent joining link:
Our Donation Store is located at:
And our server IP is: We look forward to seeing you online!
Flyverse Factions 1.7.x - 1.12.x
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