Minecraft Design Guide: How to Design Your Minecraft Builds

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New players in the Minecraft world might find it a bit challenging to get the required skills to be able to successfully fend off enemies and collect material that can prove to be useful. This is why a lot of players think that it is essential to know how to build your structures properly so that the other buildings in the world will be as you want. So, if you intend to build a specific structure, it is vital that you first plant out the design of the structure and then start laying the foundation. This building guide will help you build structures in the Minecraft world that are useful.


A basic house is simply a structure that can range from 3×3 squares to a big castle. These structures can often be built with any material, in any biome, anywhere in the Minecraft world.


The cube is the smallest housing structure in the Minecraft world and it only requires half a stack of material. This structure is just a 3x3x3 cube and it provides little space for a furnace, chest, bed and a crafting table to be placed in the ground.



The fortress is a housing structure that is constructed when players want a permanent base. This structure often consists of a big fortified wall that has an overhang to prevent the spiders from coming into the structure and a wet or dry moat (optional). This wall will surround the entire structure including your houses, farms and other buildings that you have. This building can also be fortified with a secondary fortification inside just like a real-world castle to prevent a breach. You can also build guard towers in each corner of the structure to help you keep your walls free from mobs. These guard towers can be made to protrude from the corners so that you can have a clear view and shoot any target near your wall. This should be possible for the whole length of the wall to the next corner or at least to the halfway point between the two guard towers. It is best that you only build this structure if you are a player with large amounts of resources at his or her disposal.



This building structure is very similar to the cube apart from little differences like the fact that this structure often has battlements that contain snipers (imaginary) and cannons. Another major difference between the castle and the cube is the castle is considered to be better looking than the cube. However, it is also possible to make your cube look good by extending your cube and add blocks or slabs on every second block. You can also replace the cobblestone with any block.  This should be built on all the four sides of your castle with cobblestone, wood or both.


This structure is a half-buried structure that can provide you with the convenience of underground shelters and also window provisions that also acts as above the ground firing ports. And also, a great way to keep the hordes out of your building is by using iron doors and trapdoors or even an underground system of tunnels that connect to multiple pill boxes or a base.



This structure is simply a basic house that is built on flat land and is completely open. These structures are easy to spot and may have more than one floor. These structures can be built using materials ranging from 2 to 10 stacks.



This is a structure that can be built using what Minecraft provides for you instead of having to build a house from scratch. This structure is often built in a cave or other naturally generated structure and it also requires little resources to build as compared to other housing structures. However, this structure may require a substantial amount of pickaxes. These structures are concealed and hard to see. It is also best that you acquire useful materials like iron, coal, and stone while digging out an area for your structure. It is also recommended that you use a landmark.



This is a structure that is partially free-standing house and partially cave, an ideal mix of both worlds. In order to build this structure, you will need to gather material for the main house while making more room underground.



This is a building structure that is basically a large point leading up to a great height. They often provide a great view and are very creeper resistant especially if the bottom layers are made with materials like obsidian. However, this structure is often difficult to expand and they require high amounts of material. These buildings are rather monotonous to ascend, so it is best to build an elevator preferably a two-way design.

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