LostCraft Reborn – A Small Friendly Minecraft Server

Server IP: lostcraftreborn.com:25565
Server Style: Factions, economy based survival
Server plugins and features: Factions, mcMMO, jobs, player shops, homes, bloodmoon, and more
Server Websitehttps://lostcraftreborn.com

LostCraft Reborn is a modern alternative to the massive 400 player communities with 15 servers and 73.2 minigames. With a small but growing playerbase, I’ve invested myself into creating a community experience, not just an A.D.D riddled minigames lobby. Dedicated to never being a pay to win server, there is currently no donation process at all. Ranks are achieved through simply playing the game. With an integrated server, website and discord, we offer an experience you’re not likely to get elsewhere. Drop by. Be part of a new community.

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