OakHaven – Lands of Raids and Dungeons – Minecraft

OakHaven the land of raids, dungeons, pvp, pve, and much more. Our mission is to create an in depth class and leveling system that requires skill and hard work. Our unique and ambitious story aims to bring a new level of depth to minecraft pvp, pve, and even your everyday survival mode. Our dedicated team is working to create an ever evolving world for you to play and explore. As a player you can help turn the story to your side; with three distinct neutral factions, players are able to choose their own side, even if it isn’t one we have layed out ahead. Our developer and team have created a multitude of plugins specifically for our server from weather, classes, and even a revamped death system. We have many more ideas to bring to minecraft as OakHaven grows and flourishes

IP: play.bossprojekt.com

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