Pet Society – Major Changes and New Layout

For all of the devoted Facebook gamers out there, you may have heard Pet Society recently underwent a major makeover. Whether or not this was necessary, it’s happened and I’m here to provide you with a little guide to navigating this new layout. Many have probably figured out how to get around on their own, but everyone could use a little reference guide just in case.
The town layout is one of the first noticeable major changes. To pay a visit to your friends, you now need to click on Friends Street, which will redirect you to a different map of all your friends. To return to the homepage, simply click on the Exit tab. This will send you to a Shops area where you can then click Home.

Your friends list is pretty much the same, except you can no longer see friends through active, visited or inactive categories. Instead, your friends will either have a pink or blue color encircling them, indicating whether they are a boy or girl. If their pet is encircled with beige, this indicates you’ve already visited the pet for the day. If the pet is sleepy looking, this indicates an inactive pet.

The Settings tab is new as well. Simply click on the red tab near the top. This will give you a drop down menu of all your settings. Here you can adjust the games quality, sound, music, language, and even make the game full screen.

In the Books tab, you can now find your trophies, cookbook and tasks book all displayed neatly. Your camera also includes a new feature allowing you to take pictures of your pet with different backdrops in your room or take a close-up picture of your pet.

There is also an entirely new feature to the game known as your Chest. The Chest shows individually categorized lists for food, dolls, furniture, etc. Your wardrobe, featured in the Chest, also has clothing split up into individual categories. In conjunction with the Chest is the new Noticeboard feature. When you have new gifts or notes, an envelope will appear next to your Chest. Simply click on it and you will be taken to the Noticeboard, a cool new feature that organizes your notes and gifts very efficiently.

If there are any features I missed, please feel free to leave a comment and inform fellow Pet Society enthusiasts about the changes.

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