PowerMine – The Most Unique Minecraft Server

PowerMine is back with factions, pvp and raiding. once your outside spawn anything goes more features coming soon. Were running on version 1.15.2 with Geyser so both Java and Bedrock players can join in the fun.
PowerMine ip: server.powermineMC.com
– PowerMineMC [​Survival]
– Server I.P: Server.PowerMineMC.com
– Version 1.15.2
– Server is online 24/7 (May sometimes be down due to host issues or server upgrades)
– The server restarts once a day.
– PVP+PVE, Survival!
– Plots for peaceful players.(planed)
– Player Mall(planned)
– 30 Slots!
– Type /rules in-game to see the full list of rules.
– Also works on XBOX with port 19132
PowerMineMC is owned and run by HeatMzr, Sarge348 and THErazz112.

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