Atlantean Tech Server: Simplicity at its Best

Just a simple Survival Server, join us and help us build a community together! Have fun, anti griefing server (we protect your land and ban those who get grief before hand) We have and friendly staff and players, we also have towns which you can build a house in if you’d like or just build anywhere you like in the world.

Join the game and you can leave spawn or type /rtp to teleport randomly in the server to somewhere you might see fit for your base/house, we will protect your area if you request it from griefers and if someone does grief you we can revert it back to how it was before. Another thing you can do is we have built many towns and cities you can arrange with us to have a spot to live or build inside the towns or cities and join the community of the town!

The server contains few plugins to keep the server simple like Essentials, Worldguard and more!
The server also provides /sethome and custom paintings!

If you have any trouble you can contact us via discord
You can also vote for the server and gain in-game rewards each day such as diamonds, iron ingots, and Wood.

We’d love to have you join us and have fun with survival together! Lots of players join daily and hopefully more to come, and we will do everything we can to help everyone. Our community and server is growing every day!


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