SteeltonMC: A Classic Semi-Vanilla Server

After playing on many complicated servers throughout my time on Minecraft, I feel as though it is good to return back to a classic semi-vanilla server. Playing on a basic server allows me to remember what Minecraft is all about when I first started playing it, without all the unnecessary modifications. However, most vanilla servers are poorly run, managed by staffs who are new to Minecraft and aren’t too familiar with the plugins.

This isn’t the case with SteeltonMC. It has a long history and is pretty established, with a steady and loyal player base. Upon my first visit to the server, I was given a warm welcome by the tight-knit community there. Whereas most other modded servers have quite a few toxic players, SteeltonMC managed to maintain a friendly playerbase similar to the Minecraft community of the past. I suppose that the simple and easygoing experience created a more wholesome cummunity. However, simple does not mean low quality! Upon joining the server, you are greeted with spectacular structures. One could tell a lot of work was put into the server.

The server is semi-vanilla due to the fact that it has some features such as Claims and Homes, but these additional features only serves to improve the vanilla minecraft experience, and are absolutely necessary. It allows players to enjoy the key components of vanilla Minecraft, without having to constantly remember things such as coordinates when a simple home command would do.

SteeltonMC proves that in Minecraft, simplicity triumphs against complexity. After all, Minecraft itself is a simple game and it is supposed to be enjoyed as it is. Join SteeltonMC and give the original Minecraft experience shot!



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