TownCore: New Community Towny Server

Welcome to TownCore


We are a new community towny server. Our aim is to focus on a strong community to staff bond, by hiring only the most most dedicated moderators and taking any suggestions the community has to offer. For example, recently the community voted that instead of a /shop, we have a community based economy using chest shops that any player can create.

Our community is constantly growing and you will always be welcomed by our truly amazing players. We make sure only the nicest, kindest and honest people play on our server. We have a great system protecting us of any other kind of player such as trolls, griefers and hackers, by utilising our hand picked staff to make sure each and every player has a great time.

If you join the discord server and join the IP at the top within the first week of receiving this email you will be granted a free founders rank to show our appreciation for the community.

Please take time to view these hand-picked pictures from our spawn and even some of our community towns!


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