ANARCHY! Be what you want!

24/7 Vanilla Anarchy server! No banning or moderation by Admin. Brand new world that will never be reset or altered. 100 person server but can be expanded if needed (We are dedicated to a smooth running server and will expanding often as needed with a growing player base.) Admin is reachable for major issues. Heavily inspired by 2b2t. We will be heavily advertising this server as we want a stable and consistent player base. Admins are focused on creating a long lasting Anarchy environment that is playable without long waiting periods. Hacking and Griefing are Part of this server. By joining this server understand what a ANARCHY server is. There will no no admin interference unless you need your inventory wiped because of a banning exploit. couple Plug ins have been added to attempt to stop old dupes however we welcome our players to find new methods!


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