Battleplex: The Worst Minecraft Experience

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>> Discord:
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Current Servers:
>> Survival Multiplayer (SMP)
>> Skyblock
>> Factions!
>> More coming soon!


Invitation Sensation: The player with the most invites to our discord server at the end of April gets an EXCLUSIVE rank in game, and other interesting perks per server!

Battleplex came to fruition during a conversation of 3 friends wanting to play Minecraft their way – no Pay2Win, no lag, a great community and good times. Rest assured that during your time with Battleplex, your ideas will be heard, you’ll be a part of a mature and welcoming community, and we’ll do everything in our power to keep the server enjoyable for the masses.

We’re new, but we’re sure you’re not!
Battleplex – as new as it is needs you! We have little to NO staff, and no help! We’re doing this all on our own, and would love community feedback and support! This means we’re looking for, but not limited to:
>> Experienced staff members (don’t beg, make yourself stand out!)
>> Builders
>> Community driven players
>> Developers

Sound like you? Come check us out!

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