CreeperCraft – A Unique Minecraft Survival Server

-=-=-=-=-Creeper Craft: Survival 1.15.2=-=-=-=-


A Community based survival server! The perfect place to play survival with friends or on your own! Creeper Craft is super simple survival with some added features to enhance game play! Our server aims to provide players with a fun, safe and simple survival experience! With friendly and supportive staff! With a forever growing community, Creeper Craft welcomes all ages to join a small, friendly server.

Key features:
-Economy (Virtual shop, Auction House, Many ways to make money)
-Auto-Sell Chests (With multipliers of up to X3)
-/rankup (Compete with other players to reach the top rank, receive rewards for ranking up)
-NO PVP (For a stress free experience)
-No Griefing(Claim land and protect yourself from grief)
-Tree Fellar and Auto Replant (To give you more time for the fun stuff!)
-Jobs (Can join up to 3 for extra income!)
-Spawners (Our spawners system enhances our economy, with a virtual shop, and silk touch to mine spawners)
-Crate, Keys (Many ways to get keys to open our 4 crates!)
-Lucky Chests (Found at random whilst mining, may contain epic prizes)
-Voting (Pinata party for every 10 votes!, Generous vote rewards!)

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