Health Benefits of Playing Escape Room Games

An escape room is a unique gaming experience where people are encouraged to work together as a team by solving puzzles, finding clues and providing quality learning experiences before time runs out. Whether or not the team finishes the challenge, playing the escape room game makes people feel satisfied and accomplished. Here are some other reasons why you should give it a try.

You will always learn something

Whether it is through a challenge during the game or how to work well with a group, you will always learn something new when you play the escape room. This experience is like no other, add to that, the fact that you are in a time pressured environment, makes the experience even more fun.

It stimulates the senses

When it comes to escaping rooms, you are not just expected to use your brain. You also have to use other senses like smell, sight, and hearing so that you can answer clues and move on to the next phase. They are also not as well-lit as regular rooms to make the process even more challenging.

Your motor skills are developed

Some people would say that playing an Excape the Room Game could be their replacement for doing fitness exercises. You keep your body moving. You also manipulate things from puzzles to board games. You will feel tired especially if you are running out of time, but it is still fun. You will be surprised that you still have some undeveloped motor skills that need refinement.

It helps increase communication skills

You are working as a team. In order to escape the room, you need to learn how to communicate with other members. Without proper communication, you will most likely fail. Sometimes, those who are more experienced feel like they can do the challenges on their own. This simply delays the whole game. You need to convey your thoughts well to avoid repeating the same tasks. You should also learn when to let others proceed while you take a back seat because you know that they are performing better.

You also build your social skills

There are instances in which you organise your own team to enter the escape room. If you are heading there alone, you need to work well with other people. Therefore, you build your social skills in the process. You learn how to work with different personalities. You might think you are already sociable, but everything will be put to test once you play the escape room game.

Your cognitive process is improved

Although escape rooms can be physical, they are mostly mental in nature. You will answer puzzles, understand clues, read the activities to be done, understand pictures and videos, and play memory games. These are all essential in improving the way you think.

Given all these benefits, it won’t hurt to try playing this game even just for once. It also comes in various levels, so you can constantly move up the ladder if you feel like you are getting better.

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