How to Complete Online Surveys Fast on Swagbucks

Alright, let me introduce myself first. My forum name is Zaei, and I’m also an admin. I use to be an avid GPTer, but as of the day I write this I quit doing offers for money.

Generally a review takes 3~4 days, most of it testing and the last day writing up the review.

Now on to the Blog intro! Yes this is a copy & paste from my thread which can be viewed hereGPT site Reviewing by Choco-Thread

Hey PRF’s welcome to my review thread were I’ll be reviewing GPT sites if you would like for me to review a site for you Shoot me a pm or post it as a comment! This post will be updated with new reviews.
Now I will be reviewing on a Grading scale of 1-10 10 being the best and 1 being the worst!
4-=Time waster
5=Depends on you, I would recommend it!
My grades are based on:
Registration ease.
Referral rate and how easy/hard it is to refer
Offer Credit rate & Offer value.
Currency system.
I will add more to actual review if I see fit.

If you like my work please donate!

Not Really a Review a suggestion!
Programs that are a must for GPT’ers
FireFox (doesn’t have to be your most used browser – you can use it exclusively for offers!)
•Add-Ons Needed
•Greasemonkey Script JustSayno!
•This new program I found called YCC it automatically makes yahoo accounts. Currently Not working.

For a full guide:

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