Planet Aon – A Unique Survival Server

Planet Aon

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– Facebook:
– OWNER: xreyakx
– TYPE: Survival, McMMo, Elite Mobs (obviously), Infernal Mobs, Tardis, Upgradable Tools (a bit like Tinker), grief prevention, theft prevention, English.

We are a small survival server. We have a number of plugins to mess with.

.McMMO -Mine, fish, and fight to gain experience in specific skills!
.Jobs – Like cutting down trees, mining, or fishing? There’s a job for everyone, so everyone gets paid!
.Tardis -Build your very own Tardis, and travel to distant worlds! Build your own base in there, if you want!
.UltimateFishing Catch different sizes of fish, and sell them (/uf sell) for a very nice chunk of change!
.UpgradableTools Upgrade (/ut) any weapon, tool, or armor as it gains experience with even better enchants than vanilla! Think… Tinker.
.BlockOwn -You can’t really do anything with this, but no one can mess with your builds.
.ClickSort -It’s basically InventoryTweaks.
.EconomyShop -Not much to tell. Buy stuff, and sell stuff with /shop.
.EliteMobs -Battle fearsome versions of vanilla mobs, even bosses. The drop unique gear you can use, or sell (/em sell). The gear has enchants you can’t get anywhere else. You can even level up to fight harder battles and gain better gear!
.EzAuctions -It exists… I don’t know how to use it…
.LWC -Lock your chests… barrels, furnaces… anything with an inventory, automatically. Remember to /unlock to get hoppers to work right.
.Mypet -Capture (think Pokemon) any normal mob (no dragons or giants, or the like), and keep/train them as pets! They’ll fight for you, and even pick up stuff from the ground.

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