Talaria – A Semi Vanilla Server {SMP} {Dynmap} {Economy} {1.14.4}

Talaria is a Semi-Vanilla Survival Multiplayer 1.14.4 Server.

Server Features Include:

* Expansive, almost entirely untouched world
* Essential Commands (ex. /sethome, /spawn)
* Dynmap
* Discord with in-game chat support
* Player Marriage
* Enhanced Sleep
* Simple, easy to use chest shops
* A gold-backed economy
* Coreprotect and other anti-griefing tools
* Custom enemy enhancements, including high-powered skeleton minibosses
* NO Pay To Win or Vote to Win BS Mechanics (ex. Kits for voting, purchasable kits, etc.). Your wealth and gear will be based solely on your gameplay and no external factors.
Talarian Laws (Rules)

Talarian Laws (Subject to Modification or Change)

[1] No griefing, stealing, ganking, or otherwise acting upon another player or their property in bad faith.

[2] Adult Language is welcome here, but racism, sexism, homophobia and the like are not.

[3] No using X-Ray clients or any other modifications that provide an explicit, unfair advantage.

[4] You do not have to like our staff, but you must treat them with respect. This includes Knights, Champions, and the King.

[5] Due to the gold-backed nature of our economy, gold farms are banned in all capacities.

Talaria was founded on August 1st 2019, meaning that there is still lots of work to be done to get it where it needs to be. We are welcoming miners, builders, explorers, hunters, and all other kinds of folk who have been longing for a server that feels more like a world and a community that feels more like a family. We welcome the outcasts and the misfits.

Come find your home, and raise the banner!

ip: talaria.mcserv.co

Discord: https://discord.gg/jgRsbAG


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