What Do You Meme? – Card Game Review

“What Do You Meme?” Review


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You knew it was going to happen, and yet a game where the one singular ambition is to “create the best meme you can”, has still made more than a few people salty!

Even so, it’s hard to rail against What Do You Meme, as it follows in the footsteps of games such as Cards Against Humanity; doing much to get people who wouldn’t dream of playing a board game involved in the hobby. As someone who’s played Cards Against Humanity at every Christmas party for the past 3 years, I know this only too well!

Thankfully, the 3 guys behind What Do You Meme, didn’t just copy and paste to create their game. They’ve created something unique and fun in its own rather scary way! What Do You Meme is aimed at a slightly different audience to games like Cards Against Humanity; you can play this game with far more people, making it the perfect party game for 10+ people.

Work parties will never be the same again. Still shit, but with different hilarious cards!

How Does It Work?

There are two different cards in the game, meme cards, and caption cards. According to FuckJerry, the Instagram guys behind the game, everything has come from their social media feed.

One player draws a meme card, putting it down for all other players to see. Then other players must attempt to choose the funniest caption card to place with the meme. If this sounds like Cards Against Humanity, you’d be partly right!

The player who originally chose the meme card, then must choose the best caption card placed down.

Whoever wins, gets a point.

So Basically, They Reported CAH For Karma?

Kinda, the feel of the game is very like Cards Against Humanity, yet the fact you’re pairing pictures with words makes it work on a different level. It’s still the same humour, but with a twist.

There’s loads of reasons why you should purchase this game alongside CAH.

· It’s amazing in large groups where the pictures help a lot!

· It’s slightly less politically incorrect. Good for work parties you don’t want to get fired from!

· Taps into something most people love. (Memes and funny Posts)

The last point is interesting, because loads of people like posting and reposting stuff for likes. What Do You Meme kinda takes this behaviour, and makes a complete board game about it.

I’ve played the game with people who totally don’t “get” board games. Yet What Do You Meme takes something they do every day, and uses it to draw them in. By the first round, they’re hooked.

Round Up

If you’re already a huge fan of CAH, then you’ll want to add What Do You Meme to your collection. It works in so many ways CAH just can’t, plus any game that turns its players into insufferable mini versions of Nathan Barley must be a winner!

So, if you’re ready to become a self-actuating media node, or simply want to find the nastiest caption to place with a meme of a girl smiling in front of a burning house, WDYM is the game for you.

Just don’t play it with anyone over 50 and the easily triggered, or maybe do to spite them!

Get this at Amazon here: http://amzn.to/2xsmzXp