World of Islands – A Public Minecraft Economy Server

World of Islands was established on February 1st 2020 and started on March 21st. We are a public economy Minecraft server with multiple countries, markets, and activities.​About our Minecraft Server: Our Minecraft server is based on economy. But wait, that’s not enough. We are a economy server like no other. We you join our server you will spawn in the United States on the top floor of the spawn building. WoI has three official and established countries. The United States, New Denmark, and Storven. These three nations are ran by a government of real players. To learn more information go to the Countries tab at the top of the page. Players have different activities they can take part in. Players can own land or buy a condo or townhouse in the city or our in the country. Players can even buy real working vehicles. Players are able to freely start a faction anywhere in, ‘No Mans Land’ which is the rural countryside outside the city. Our server decided to take jobs to a different level. Players can freely grow crops, chop wood, mine materials, and use those materials to sell at the city store. Players can claim land and create a faction that is protected and other players can’t mess with. The players in that faction can even fly around. Create your faction today and yearn to be the most powerful and richest faction!
​Features: – Real working vehicles, tanks, and planes. (Coming Soon)​- Buyable land and homes in the city. – Create a military. – Create protected factions. – Raid other factions. – Server Dynmap. – Money – Stores – Jobs – Run for political office.

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